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We offer 75% on all front-end sales and 50% on all upsells in the funnel.

Here are two recent affiliates of ours to get you excited about promoting CellXRenewal.

Affiliate 1:
Conversion Rate - 1.74%
EPC - $1.77
Commission - $5,312.32

Affiliate 2:
Conversion Rate - 2.17%
EPC - $2.60
Commission - $4,560.00

Interested in running CellXRenewal on Facebook?


Facebook is a great source of traffic for targeting those who could be interested in solutions for anti-aging or supplement related products.

However, there are a few things you must know before you get started.

The first thing is that there’s a lot of good, targeted traffic on Facebook — you just have to stay away from non-compliant terms. Here’s how to stay on the right side of Facebook’s advertising terms:

  • * Use a landing page or quiz in between the ad and the offer - You may NOT send directly to the sales page
  • * Have links to your privacy policy, terms of service and contact pages on your site (Facebook requires this)
  • * Avoid terms such as anything promising to fix or “cure” the reader’s skin or aging concerns
  • * If you need a specific landing page configured a certain way and we don’t have it, get in touch with us and ask if it can be done

If you really want to become successful at Facebook Ads check out Commission Hero and get the edge over the others on FB.

Need help on Facebook’s guidelines to know what’s acceptable in your ads? Go here.

To keep your account compliant and in good standing with Facebook, we also recommend you stay clear of any "curing" or "fixing" claims related to our products.

Turn on Dynamic Creative on your Ad Set and try FB compliant headlines below. Avoid headlines with the word "Trick" in it and other words this Facebook article describes.

FYI: We don't send our lookalike audience file out until the affiliate has met at least 50 sales with our offer.

Female 46 - 65+ (Male is 20%) best performing age 55-65
Countries in order: US, CA, UK, AU in that order
Device: Mobile 65%, Desktop 25%, Tablet 10%

You can add your pixel via the Digistore24 site so you can easily track your stats without having to ask us to add it to our pages.

Facebook Ad Headline Options

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