CELLXRENEWAL™ is Armor for Your Cells

CellXRenewal featuring the “Longevity Mineral” is the latest breakthrough in the science of longevity that can bring back the health, energy, and confidence you had in your youth.

What Folks Like You Are Saying

- Victoria Brown, UK

“CellXRenewal™ is an amazing anti-aging supplement. I have been taking it for a while and have seen such great results. It's packed with 7+ powerful ingredients that are key in supporting heart, brain, and metabolism health. It’s also Soy, Gluten and GMO free. I have recommended to friends and family, absolutely wonderful product."

- Nick Nilsson, Illinois, USA

“CellXRenewal targets an aspect of health and anti-aging that I’ve literally NEVER seen before, yet once you understand it, makes total sense. Your cells age because as your cell walls harden, nutrients cannot get in, and those cells (all of them!) are becoming malnourished. CellXRenewal helps rebuild those cell walls so your cells get those nutrients inside the cells where they can be used.

I have to say, after using this product, my energy levels started getting better and better. Being a fitness trainer, I eat pretty well and thought my energy levels were already good. This was an eye-opener for me because I definitely noticed a difference. This is a product I would highly recommend if you want to turn back the clock and look and feel better.”

- Paul W., Oregon

"Since taking CellXRenewal, I have noticed a marked improvement in my muscle tone and stamina."

- Joan R., Georgia

"I see a change in my skin and hair and have received compliments on both since taking CellXRenewal. Plus, my mood has definitely changed and my friends have begun to call me “smiley”."

As it turns out, “aging” ain’t the big issue... The trouble starts within your cells!

And that’s where the real problem lies...your cells. Aging and chronic conditions all start at cellular level.

... The older your cells - the more tears and holes develop on the outer walls - like Swiss cheese.

What happens is vitamins and minerals that would naturally be absorbed by the cell wall start to leak out...

...That’s when nasty intruders like free radicals, bacteria, toxins and viruses...can quickly enter and attack cells right down to your DNA!

And it turns out that the little-known “Longevity Mineral” is essential natural part of cellular renewal.

Once the remarkable “Longevity Mineral” comes in contact with the cell...

The “Longevity Mineral” goes to work to seal up holes in your cell membranes and rebuild cells...

... like spackle patching up a nail hole in a wall...

... and it rebuilds dysfunctional cells...

And shuttles nutrients directly to your cells – right where you need them most to boost cellular function and turn back the clock on aging..

CellXRenewal™ is Armor for Your Cells
It’s the Only All-in-One Cellular Rejuvenation &
Cell Protection Formula of its kind

...For Men and Women Over 45 Who Want to Look and Feel Younger...
CellXRenewal™ features the "Longevity Mineral" discovered by Dr. Hans Nieper…

You probably don’t recognize his name…

Dr. Nieper even worked with NASA as a research scientist and consultant on many special projects in the field of physics.

But best of all, Dr. Nieper treated thousands of folks – just like you and me!

Dr. Nieper's powerful patented "Longevity Mineral" a.k.a Ca 2-AEP attaches itself to the structure of cell membranes.

The “Longevity Mineral” renews cells and instantly delivers nutrients to your cells!

Just like FedEx delivers a package to your door.

So, instead of your minerals and nutrients “passing through” you...

... The “Longevity Mineral” transports all the good stuff right where you need it most!

That means your heart... brain... lung... and nerve cells get bathed in revitalizing nutrients that invigorate them!

It’s like sending every cell its own personal security detail that’s on call 24/7.

Instantly Delivers

Energizing NUTRIENTS

To ALL Your Cells!

Inside every CellXRenewal capsule you’ll find:
7 Clinically-Proven Ingredients that are Essential to Cellular Renewal, Increased Energy, Healthy Aging, and Metabolism Support

Ca 2-AEP:
The Longevity Mineral is protective armor for your cells.

It renews cells, boosts cell energy, improves cell signaling and slows aging-related chronic conditions at the cellular level to support a healthier rejuvenated YOU!

Joint protection and support...

To help you move freely with less soreness, soothe aches, and MORE stability and endurance.

Brain Cells “Light UP” Thanks to Shilajit - A 10,000-Year-Old Brain Activator

Get back your razor-sharp mind... to regain deeper focus, quicker recall, support long-term memory, and ease anxiety levels!

The “energy spark” that every cell needs... 

D-Ribose is the “spark plug” of every cell — especially those your heart needs to create energy.

Healthy Immune Balance

Marine Phytoplankton is a tiny microalgae packed with omega-3 fatty acids.  And acts as your cell’s natural “clean up crew” ... to rid your body of cellular garbage to support a healthy inflammatory response and power up energy levels!

Ecklonia cava… Scientists in South Korea spent $39 million researching this dynamic deep-sea nutrient that knocks out free radicals… gives you potent antioxidant support to keep your body functioning at peak capacity!

All-natural Vitamin D3 as Cholecalciferol. Powers up your immune system... to lower your risk of illness, , improve bone health, and balance your mood!

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Try it and if you don’t feel a difference, it’s money back time. There’s no risk.
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1-Year (365 Day) No-Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee

In short, if CellXRenewal™doesn’t exceed your expectations in boosting overall health and infusing you with more energy than you’ve had in years, then you don’t pay a cent.

Send back any unused bottles of CellXRenewal™ within the next 1 year or 365 days and our friendly customer care team will issue you a full and prompt refund.

At Life Titan Naturals we are committed to helping you achieve your unique wellness goals with hand-crafted, lab-tested premium herbs, minerals, vitamins, and natural compounds that are designed to help you restore youthful energy and vitality.

Our special line of premium supplements are specially developed for those over 45 to deliver maximum benefits by combining the best of technology and nature.

All of our products are manufactured using a Certified Good Manufacturing Process (CGMP).

Frequently Asked


What makes CellXRenewal™ so different from other anti-aging formulas?

The only all-in-one anti-aging capsule designed to reignite the “Powerhouse of the Cell” by rejuvenating your mitochondria from the inside out. CellXRenewal delivers 7 powerful cell repairing ingredients directly to each cell to increase energy, slow aging and restore cellular health.

Who can benefit from Life Titan Naturals CellXRenewal™?

This product is not recommended for people under the age of 18 or for women who are pregnant or nursing. There are few scientific studies that include pregnant or nursing women or children so interactions are unknown for these groups.

How do you take it?

Many of our clients prefer to take CellXRenewal™ with food. You should take it with a full cup (8 ounces) of juice or water.

What is the dosage?

Adults take 2 capsules daily with a full cup (8 ounces) of juice or water.

How often should I take this supplement?

There is no particular time frame as to how long the CellXRenewal™ can be taken. We recommend you give yourself at least 90 days to experience the full benefits. However, we do suggest working with your trusted healthcare practitioner to determine what would work best for you.

Should this be taken with food?

We recommend you take it with food.

Is this product free of all GMOs?

Yes. CellXRenewal™ is free of GMOs.

Is this product gluten free?

Yes. CellXRenewal™ is gluten free.

Are there any preservatives?

No. There are no preservatives in CellXRenewal™.

Why is Brown Rice Flour in the product?

The CellXRenewal™ Proprietary Blend is extremely dense. The Brown Rice Flour was added to make the blend easier to encapsulate.

Are there any known allergens in this product?

There are no known allergens in CellXRenewal™. However, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients please consult with your doctor.

Is this product Certified USDA Organic?

No, this is not a certified organic product. However, it is made with non-GMO and organic ingredients where possible. It contains the following active ingredients:

● Calcium 2-AEP
● MSM (methylsulfonylmethane)
● Shilajit
● D-Ribose
● Marine Phytoplankton (Nannochloropsis gaditana)
● Ecklonia Cava
● Vitamin D3

Where is this supplement made?

Life Titan Naturals CellXRenewal™ formula is crafted inside a cGMP compliant lab in the USA. Our product has been tested and is Prop 65 Compliant, Gluten Free, and Non-GMO.

How do I store it?

Store in a cool, dry place.

What is your returns policy?

Here at Life Titan Naturals we strive to keep you totally satisfied – which is why we offer a 365-day, money back guarantee. If at any point you decide it’s not for you, you are protected by the highest standard 100% money-back guarantee. Just send us back any unopened bottles and we’ll refund you your money, no questions asked.

Refund Policy

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority!


100% Money Back

After you order any of our products today, if you are not completely satisfied, simply contact us within the next 365 days and send back any unopened bottles and we will see that you get a complete refund with no questions asked, no hassle whatsoever.

No questions asked.

No hassle.

That’s one year to give this life-changing product a real chance. We believe in these products with everything we have so Life Titan Naturals is willing to take all risk.

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